Information for Teachers

What is in it for my students?

  • A successful way to introduce Technology education to students.
  • Suitable for small or large groups of students, from Years 1-13.
  • Also suitable for a single student doing an NCEA or scholarship project.
  • Having an engineer in the classroom will enhance their understanding of technology and engineering.
  • A successful way to extend gifted and talented students.


What is in it for me?

  • A practical way to enhance the Technology Curriculum.
  • See how innovative and creative your students can be with a bit of encouragement.
  • Having an engineer in the classroom will enhance your understanding of technology and engineering.
  • Provides some technical expertise in areas you may not be familiar with.

What do I have to do?

  • Oversee and run the project with the students and keep the momentum going with them. Your engineer will provide technical support throughout the course of the project.
  • Ensure your engineer in not left alone in the classroom with students
  • Support your engineer they are not trained teachers.
  • Have regular open communication with your engineer between visits and ensure your Facilitator is copied into the messages.
  • Make sure you have organised regular visits with the engineer and set the dates with them.
  • Make sure the students carry out the work set by the engineer before the next visit.
  • Ensure the students are keeping detailed records throughout the project so that when they put their project portfolio together at the end it is an easy task for them
  • Write a teacher’s report for the project, explaining the processes, benefits, changes for next time (see example)
  • Have all entry requirements to the coordinator by the due dates.

What if we don’t have a project idea?
You can have a look at our past winners for ideas, or contact your Facilitator who will be able to help you.

What have other teachers said?

Judy Haden, Sunnyhills School
“The session with my ‘Traffic Tamers’ was definitely the highlight of my week during this project. They were a motivated, enthusiastic, keen to learn and participate group of Year 6 students. They were so excited about working with ‘real engineers'."

"Our principal commented that this was one of the best examples of authentic learning she had observed – high praise indeed!”

Shane Ross, Churchill Park School
“Never have I seen a team work in action like this before. They were inspired, motivated and, with a few strong personalities taking leadership, these groups all seemed to naturally slip into their role; executing duties in a very methodical manner.”

“The feedback from parents has been overwhelming. I get many emails stating how impressed they are with their child’s knowledge regarding issues concerning the environment.”

Monica Meikle, Elm Park Primary School
“For me, it was reassuring and encouraging to work alongside a technical expert who understood our situation. Having little knowledge and practical engineering experience, I would not have had the confidence to attempt such a challenge. The benefits were that it was an authentic project so the children could really see how to work as a team and how engineers work... it was a thoroughly worthwhile learning experience.”

Doug Sutherland, Havelock North Intermediate
“By being involved in this project the students have gained a really good understanding of the processes involved in solving design problems. They are enthusiastic; this is best shown by the speed at which they arrive at the class each week. The solutions are varied, they show thought and innovation.”