About the Awards

The Neighbourhood Engineers Awards is an annual competition which started in 2001. Transpower became the sponsor of the Awards in 2003. The aim of the Awards is to create a greater awareness of the engineering profession and encourage innovative thinking in the areas of engineering and technology. The long term aim is to excite and inspire more students to study for a career in technology, engineering and science.

Neighbourhood Engineers volunteer their services solely to assist students in educational activities.  Their advice may not be used or relied upon for any other purpose. The Awards team at IPENZ is able to help you find a suitable engineer to mentor your team through their project.

The Awards are open to all primary, intermediate and secondary schools in New Zealand and are a practical way to enhance the Technology curriculum.

What kinds of projects are eligible?

Any project where teachers, students and engineers work together to meet a need, problem or opportunity in their school or local community.

Projects can be big or small, involving the whole school, one class, a group of students or just one student. Most projects tend to take two to three terms, depending upon the number of times per month that the group can meet with each other and their engineer. The IPENZ team that support the Awards will be able to help you through all these details when it comes to setting up the project.

The emphasis is on ‘neighbourhood’ – on practical, close-to-home projects that have a positive impact on the school or local community.

Successful projects must demonstrate good technological practice – identify a problem, assess the options and make decisions that lead to a solution.

Everyone benefits from their involvement, and the response of Awards participants has been overwhelmingly positive and rewarding.  For more information, see the Award winners' comments.