What do other mentors have to say?

Tim Rickards, Woods Mentor for Laingholm School 2014
“This has been a very rewarding and fun process for me. It has involved a great deal of learning on my behalf and definitely put me outside my comfort zone from a knowledge perspective. The variation of the project to my normal day-to-day activities has been very refreshing and I am sure that their energy and positive vibes have flown back into my normal roles and tasks at Woods.”

Coral-Lee Ertel, Western Bay of Plenty District Council
Mentor for Tauranga Girls' College 2014

“I was able to grow as a person and an engineer, developing my skills in mentoring while providing the students with an understanding of the engineering profession. I learnt a lot about a field I have had no experience in and gained an understanding of how simple engineering processes and techniques can be applied across a broad range of engineering disciplines.”

Matt Ng-Wai Shing, Altitude Aerospace Interiors
Mentor for Mission Heights Junior College 2014

“I have personally enjoyed my experience with the Sixth Sense team. It has been a great opportunity to develop my own leadership and project management skills, which has made me a more valuable team member at work and is beneficial for the rest of my career.”

Georgina Taylor, Beca
Mentor for Waiuku Primary School 2012 and 2013

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the students again this year, it is an experience I would recommend to all young engineers."

Andrew Richards, Fonterra
Mentor for Normanby School 2012 and 2013

“It has been a pleasure working with the Normanby School kids again; as always their ideas and creativity impress me. It was good to see the understanding they gained about what it takes to go from a very general concept to a specific design – the detailed thought needed and having to make something that actually works. All in all, this has been a great experience. Bring on next year!"