What do teachers have to say about working with engineering mentors?

Julietter Miller, Fairhall School
“Working with Ben has provided the students with an opportunity to be expertly guided through the technological process and to make a significant mark at our school. The students really responded to his passion for technology and eagerly turned up for each session. I have been privileged to learn from Ben’s guidance through the Technology project and feel more confident in the teaching of this curriculum area for the future”

Gill McCready, Leamington School
“The technical advice Stuart gave us and his involvement in teaching maths skills for application to problem-solving was invaluable, It was great to have a young engineer as an inspirational model for our students”

Christine Morrison, Tikokino School
“This has been an extremely engaging and empowering project for all of us at Tikokino. We would never have been able to attempt this project had we not had the help of our engineer; his advice and expert help have been invaluable."

Joan Middlemiss, Mission Heights Junior College
"I am so proud of our students’ achievements; they have surprised us and possibly themselves, showing passion, commitment, maturity and a hunger for learning that has brought success. I have seen students who’ve never mentioned the concept of engineering, now seriously considering engineering as a future career option.”

Sandra Jenkins, Freemans Bay School
“Overall, the process of working with an engineer has been invaluable. Andre’s knowledge and input has kept the students on track. The regular meetings and experiments and off site visits have helped keep the project authentic for the students."