2002 Award Winners

Year 1 – 4 Winner

Verran Primary School, Birkenhead, Auckland: The Taniwha Garden Seat Project won the Year 4 class, working with teacher Maureen Robertson and engineer Anthony Merino, this year’s prize.

Teacher's Report (DOC)
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Year 5 – 8 Winner

Hastings Intermediate, Hastings: A group composed of accelerant pupils and those with a special interest or skills in technology was formed to work on a unit. The ten pupils, with teacher Heather Bell and engineer Simon Reveley of Heinz Wattie Australasia, had to find a solution to the problem of storing food from the school’s garden. Their Pataka Project looked at various ways of storing food and worked on a pataka as their solution.

Project Report (PDF)
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Year 9 – 13 Merit

Onehunga High School, Onehunga, Auckland: Five Year 10 students worked on their Onehunga Bay project with teacher David Eastwood and engineer Melior Merioles.