2004 Award Winners

Year 1- 4 Winner

St Johns Hill School, Wanganui did a technology unit as part of their mini beasts programme. Karyn Schultz, with help from engineer Kerry Wood, set her class the challenge of designing a home for snails. The children eventually decided upon plastic bottles as the ideal building materials and a variety of snail homes were produced using these.

Making a Home for Snails

Blockhouse Bay School Playground

Year 5 - 8 Winner

Blockhouse Bay School, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland: Engineer Sanjesh Lal, of Opus International Consultants, was keen to be involved with his son’s school and approached Victoria Calendino regarding the Award. This partnership, together with the eleven members of the School Enviro Group, led to winning this category with the New Playground Project.




Pahiatua School, Pahiatua: The Drop-off Zone Project tackled a real problem at the school and also achieved a merit prize for the group of eight students, staff member Veronica Kururangi, engineer Eliza Sutton of Traffic Design Group Limited and local retired engineer George Butcher.



Year 9 – 13: Winner

Tararua College, Pahiatua: Diana Eagle’s Year 11 food technology class worked with Food Technologist Carol Pound on the Tararua Chocolates project. The initial brief for the eleven students was to design a chocolate that would be given away to school visitors.


Tararua College, Pahiatua: Year 13 pupil, Tiare Sharpe, worked with Diana Eagle and engineer Malcolm MacDonald on her Cafeteria Food Safety Programme.