Guide to doing a project

This section contains guidance to help you undertake a Transpower Neighbourhood Engineers Awards Project. It outlines the steps you should follow and what the judges are looking for, demonstrated by examples from previous winning projects.

Keeping a record ensures the journey through your project is captured. Connecting with your engineer early enables efficient use of stakeholders’ time and reduces the possibility of your project going off track. Your engineer is a helpful resource in assisting with identifying your need or issue to be solved. Creating a timeline is a helpful tool for keeping all involved on track and connected to your project aims. Writing a brief ensures the issue you wish to address is stated in a nutshell, with specifications that define the requirements of a technological outcome. With your brief as your guide, work through the project.

At the conclusion of your work ensure that the documentation is complete and sent to Engineering New Zealand National Office by 5pm, Wednesday 25th October 2017 for judging.


  1. Keeping a record
  2. Meet your neighbourhood engineer
  3. Create a timeline
  4. Write a brief
  5. Develop the project
  6. Submit your project


Note: If you are using any animals in your project you will need to get approval from the New Zealand Association of Science Educators. Visit for more information on animal ethics and approval.